Karen Eliot, “Anything”
22 April–1 May, 2016, Launch: Friday, 22 April, 15:30
(possibly delayed, due to unavoidable prior delays)
Anything by Karen Eliot is many things. Perhaps it is an effort to lay a kind of foundation for an on-going inquiry into placeholders in various settings and mediums. Or maybe it was just a white cube made into a collection of transformed cliches of a generic waiting room, effortfully designed in shades of some basic in-between colour. Likely it was conceived as a spatial container for a never-ending and meaningless story that travels through all kinds of stuff; stuff being some sort of commodity, a body, or whatever; probably as a reflection on constant but unintentional gathering and processing of bits and pieces all around all the time. It could have also been a non-theatrical set for an untrained and unexpectant audience to perform in, leaving the so-called author as a kind of non-musical conductor, if that’s even possibly a thing. If only a transitional situation became a competent destination, maybe that’s somehow what Anything at some point wanted to be about.
[video mute="true" loop="true" autoplay="true" mp4="https://box.werkplaatstypografie.org/wp-content/uploads/anything_clock.mp4" webm="https://box.werkplaatstypografie.org/wp-content/uploads/anything_clock.webm"][/video]
Karen Eliot wishes to thank Alice, Bob, Jane, Joe and John for being such excellent placeholders; Julio and Paul for language matters; Eloise for coloring advice and support; Wouter for lumber guidance; Anniek for physical and financial transmissions; Walter and Sjoerd for printing; Sunna for all kinds of textile aspects; Sara for riso aid; Joel for technicalities of time; Maria for moving image support; Rob for cloud assistance; Armand, Danny, Constant, Eloise and Maria for constituents of thoughts and styles; Maud for a priceless vegetation rental; Ilke for reception cooperation; Charlotte for removal aid; everyone at WT for performing Anything so smoothly; and lastly but not leastly Olya for putting all the above together, what were the chances that it would work out one way or another.
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