Sarah Käsmayr, “Impr.exe”
2 November–22 November, 2015, Closing: Friday, 20 November, 18:00
1. is an The experiment exercise “impr.exe” is being conducted within a limited timeframe of 21 days, and exhibited in a limited confined space—the #Box. at Werkplaats Typografie. 2. The Box itself becomes is the The three week schedule [to enable and at the same time force the possibility of creating and researching]. gave the exhibition space its form, each column representing one day. This structure provides a platform 4. aims to .exe[cute] impr.[ovisation]. In contrast to a pre-determined composition, improvisation here is regarded as a tool for focussing on one single aspect at a time, e.g. form, technique, material, content manipulation. The guidelines for the programme are: trying rather than planning, guessworking rather than calculationg,; failing rather than succeeding; allowing for unsatisfying results5. Each day the improvisation is guided by the need of defining a personal ABC. The resulting specimens are positioned into the schedule, while the programme of each day is summarized by captions. As a result a walk-in diary comes into being. 6. On one of the last days, there will be a Finissage with a guided tour through the #Box. If the status of a work can remain unclear as long as it doesn’t exist (outside the head, or the computer, of its creator), the work has to exist once it enters the BOX, and it will extrapolate the unknown to the known. In the course of this work the exhibition unintentionally became self-referential. That is to say, that the evolvement turned into a source material for itself, a tool to stay in the process of following the nose.
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Rosie Eveleigh
“ButchCamp: Astral Signs”
16 December–23 December, 2016
Opening and Lecture: Friday, 16 December, 18:00
Daria Kiseleva
“Field of Vision”
25 November–25 November, 2016
Live Essay: Friday, 25 November, 18:00
Caroline Wolewinski
“Table of Contents”
22 June–1 July, 2016
Opening: Wednesday, 22 June, 18:30
Nora Turato
Those Crazy Tall Girls with Their Ugly Feet
1 April–1 April, 2016
Opening: Friday, 1 April, 18:00
Ronja Andersen
“The It of Digits”
7 December–9 December, 2015
Opening: Monday, 7 November, 17:30
Jin Kwang Kim
“A Great Opening”
12 June–26 June, 2017
Opening: Wednesday, 14 June, 18:00
Auriane Preud’homme and Angelo Custódio
“Disobedient Voices”
9 June–11 June, 2017
Opening: Friday, 9 June, 18:00
Robert Milne
“Instituut Archief [ ]”
8 May–16 May, 2017
With drinks: Friday, 12 May, 18:30
Charlotte Taillet
“Variables for a Process”
7 April–13 April, 2017
Opening: Friday, 7 April, 18:30
Sunrise Event: Wednesday, 12 April, 08:30 (Meet in The BOX)

Joel Colover
31 March–5 April, 2017
Opening: Friday, 31 March, 18:00
Screening: Sunday, 2 April, 15:00

Sabo Day
“Fandangled to Twinkle”
23 March–26 March, 2017
Starts: 23.03.2017,
Maria Mitcheva
2 December–7 December, 2016
Opening w/ cocktails: Friday, 2 December, 18:00
Meg Forsyth
20 May–3 June, 2016
Opening: Friday, 20 May, 18:00
Karen Eliot
22 April–1 May, 2016
Launch: Friday, 22 April, 15:30
(possibly delayed, due to unavoidable prior delays)

Josse Pyl
“Apparatus and Method for Writing with Electrical Signals”
25 February–28 February, 2016
Opening: Thursday, 25 February, 18:00
Maud Vervenne
“klarendalseweg 111, case study #1”
22 January–5 February, 2016
Opening: Friday, 22 January, 18:30
Iván Martínez
“Unfinished Business”
10 December–31 December, 2015
Opening: Thursday, 10 December, 19:00
Sarah Käsmayr
2 November–22 November, 2015
Closing: Friday, 20 November, 18:00
Nerijus Rimkus
“It’s Not Meant To Be Pretty”
23 October–25 October, 2015
Opening: Friday, 23 October, 17:00